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An increased emphasis on IT cost optimization, combined with a mandate to drive business innovation, requires a more proactive approach to managing IT architecture. There are several ways to capture efficiencies, including a modernized support model for enterprise applications, which can free up resources to drive innovation without increasing risk.

Pete Bartolik

Don’t Trip on the Cloud Migration Path

It seems like everybody is rushing to migrate to cloud applications, and you don’t want to get left on the wrong side of an inflection curve. But there are pitfalls for hasty cloud migration, so it’s important to sit back and fully analyze what you’ve got and where you want to go. Early in 2016, […]
Pete Bartolik

Maximizing Opportunity of Cloud Options

One of the most appealing aspects of cloud computing is the promise—in theory at least—that if you’re not happy with a vendor, you can migrate to another with much less pain than with traditional enterprise solution providers. Today, CIOs have an almost bewildering choice of cloud applications and cloud platforms. This multi-cloud reality opens up […]

Palisades Blog

IT COST OPTIMIZATION By Craig Guarente I was negotiating an SOW with a new client and we were going through the typical back and forth redlines that accompany most engagements.  At the very end of this process, the procurement lead for the client asked me if I could lower my price to help the client […]

Reduce Your Software Maintenance and Support Costs by Up to 50%

New Gartner Research Report: Reduce Your Software Maintenance and Support Costs by Up to 50% by Deploying These Often-Overlooked but Effective Best Practices Analyst(s): Rob Wilkes, Dawn Hubbard Sourcing and vendor management leaders who focus on procurement often struggle to reduce onerous software maintenance and support costs. In this free report, Gartner offers best-practice techniques to help […]

10 Signs It’s Time to Change Your ERP Strategy

This is the era of business transformation. Your IT team is expected to deliver innovation that disrupts the status quo within your industry and build a competitive advantage for your business. Yet your ERP vendor is delivering less value to you than ever before. There’s a better way. Adopt a strategy of innovation agility and […]

Facing Oracle – 5 Strategies for CIOs

Say “Oracle” and “budget” in the same sentence, and most CIOs start to sweat. While software plays a critical role in business operations, Oracle’s software and services are extremely expensive and are usually the number one or two item in IT’s budget. Many CIOs have no idea whether they’re in compliance with their Oracle contracts, […]

What companies need to know when considering automation

Successful lessons for organizations considering automation ‘to infinity and beyond’. By Fabiano Rosa, As the hype continues around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), organizations are looking to invest additional efforts to better understand potential benefits and risks associated with these. The fact of the matter: RPA and AI are already a […]
Pete Bartolik

Five Steps for Bringing About Change in IT

IT leaders are upbeat as they head deeper into 2017. It’s not that the budget spigots are opening wide – for most, spending and hiring rates are flat. “One of the biggest reasons for the hopeful outlook is the fact that business and IT are finally on the same page, with planned technology projects and […]