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IT COST OPTIMIZATION By Craig Guarente I was negotiating an SOW with a new client and we were going through the typical back and forth redlines that accompany most engagements.  At the very end of this process, the procurement lead for the client asked me if I could lower my price to help the client […]
Pete Bartolik

Funding Digital Transformation

If a technology solutions salesperson walks out of your office without playing the “digital transformation” card, he or she is not likely long for that job. Vendors, whether through strategic vision or competitive necessity, have latched onto the aspirations and concerns of business customers who fear digital disruption. “Digital transformation rocketed to the top of […]
Pete Bartolik

What’s the State of the CIO?

The life of a CIO? It’s complicated. That’s the conclusion of CIO Editor in Chief Dan Muse, introducing the publication’s 2017 State of the CIO report. “Moving apps and workloads to the cloud, ensuring legacy software can talk to off-premises apps, and keeping networks and systems secure remain core functional tasks of the CIO role,” […]
Pete Bartolik

Five Steps for Bringing About Change in IT

IT leaders are upbeat as they head deeper into 2017. It’s not that the budget spigots are opening wide – for most, spending and hiring rates are flat. “One of the biggest reasons for the hopeful outlook is the fact that business and IT are finally on the same page, with planned technology projects and […]