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Taking Control of Your Software Licenses in the Cloud Era

Software licensing is like a devil’s pact. Enterprises fund and commit to continue funding software development costs in exchange for the promise of ongoing support and, hopefully, functionally rich upgrades. Over time, however, CIOs often end up cursing the growing costs of supporting mature-but-critical applications and having to pay for forced upgrades they don’t always […]

SAP Support: What’s Behind the Painful Perceptions

A majority of surveyed SAP users find no compelling need to migrate to S/4 HANA. At the same time, almost half expressed dissatisfaction with the value of SAP support. That unease is only likely to increase as businesses try to run and maintain their existing ERP systems while SAP shifts investments to build a new, […]

Assuming the Role of Digital Change Agent

If you’re not planning or executing a digital transformation strategy, you better be at least thinking about it so you’re ready when the bosses ask what your game plan is. But how do you peer over the long-term horizon when the IT world seems to be constantly shifting? Start by ensuring you have a realistic […]

Don’t Trip on the Cloud Migration Path

It seems like everybody is rushing to migrate to cloud applications, and you don’t want to get left on the wrong side of an inflection curve. But there are pitfalls for hasty cloud migration, so it’s important to sit back and fully analyze what you’ve got and where you want to go. Early in 2016, […]

Maximizing Opportunity of Cloud Options

One of the most appealing aspects of cloud computing is the promise—in theory at least—that if you’re not happy with a vendor, you can migrate to another with much less pain than with traditional enterprise solution providers. Today, CIOs have an almost bewildering choice of cloud applications and cloud platforms. This multi-cloud reality opens up […]

Take an Artful Approach to Attracting and Retaining Talent

You’ve committed to digital transformation, now you just have to figure out how to hire and retain the top IT talent needed to pull it off. Many companies are finding they don’t have the right skills in-house to make the transition, CIO reported in a feature article. A study by Hackett Group, the article noted, […]

Case Study: How to Find the Funds to Invest in Hybrid IT

The business and the IT group want to invest precious resources in technology that will drive and support new products and services that are key to future success. But it’s often difficult to come up with the funds for new investments when companies are spending so much money just to “keep the lights on.” But […]

Cut IT Support Costs to Drive Digital Business Initiatives

Does your IT organization eagerly embrace digital transformation, or quiver in fear at the prospect of it? If the former, you’re following the model of world-class IT organizations that run more efficiently and devote a larger portion of their process costs to new business-focused initiatives. That’s the takeaway from a study by Hackett Group, as […]

Digital Transformation: Five Critical Success Factors

Digital transformation is not likely to come easily for most CIOs. When the CEO and the board call you in to ask, “How are you going to contribute to our growth and transformation?” you don’t want to have to hesitate and talk about how most of your budget is going to keep the lights on […]

Funding Digital Transformation

If a technology solutions salesperson walks out of your office without playing the “digital transformation” card, he or she is not likely long for that job. Vendors, whether through strategic vision or competitive necessity, have latched onto the aspirations and concerns of business customers who fear digital disruption. “Digital transformation rocketed to the top of […]