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Cloud vs. On-Prem ERP: Which One Will Rule?

For some time now, industry pundits have maintained that cloud-based ERP will eventually rule and on-premises software is destined for legacy status. As CIO observes, this is a big change from just a few years ago, when cloud ERP was met with outright skepticism, particularly among large companies with big investments in on-premises systems. So […]

Palisades Blog

IT COST OPTIMIZATION By Craig Guarente I was negotiating an SOW with a new client and we were going through the typical back and forth redlines that accompany most engagements.  At the very end of this process, the procurement lead for the client asked me if I could lower my price to help the client […]

Hybrid IT: The Model of Choice for a Growing Set of Business Challenges

By now nearly every organization has taken advantage of cloud computing in some form or other—Infrastructure as as Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Countless studies have shown that the business benefits of cloud are just too significant to pass up. That said, few organizations are prepared to […]

The Liberate2Innovate Podcast Series

Welcome to the Liberate2Innovate podcast series, brought to you by IDG and sponsored by Rimini Street. These podcasts feature leading industry experts in conversation with IDG’s Tom Schmidt on a variety of topics imperative to IT decision makers on a path to digital transformation. Hear about the real world strategies, tactics, and partnerships you need […]

10 Signs It’s Time to Change Your ERP Strategy

This is the era of business transformation. Your IT team is expected to deliver innovation that disrupts the status quo within your industry and build a competitive advantage for your business. Yet your ERP vendor is delivering less value to you than ever before. There’s a better way. Adopt a strategy of innovation agility and […]

Facing Oracle – 5 Strategies for CIOs

Say “Oracle” and “budget” in the same sentence, and most CIOs start to sweat. While software plays a critical role in business operations, Oracle’s software and services are extremely expensive and are usually the number one or two item in IT’s budget. Many CIOs have no idea whether they’re in compliance with their Oracle contracts, […]

What companies need to know when considering automation

Successful lessons for organizations considering automation ‘to infinity and beyond’. By Fabiano Rosa, As the hype continues around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), organizations are looking to invest additional efforts to better understand potential benefits and risks associated with these. The fact of the matter: RPA and AI are already a […]